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2 - 5 April 2014 / Concert Chamber, Auckland Townhall

9 - 12 April 2014 / Mangere Arts Centre

Week 5 My Bed My Universe wraps you in stories and moments of family, love, home and place; We want you to remember, to dream and let go.

Gary Henderson – Playwright

I thought by now I'd be used to the amount of energy and commitment the artists creating My Bed My Universe put in to the work. But I'm not. It continues to amaze me. Writing text for Massive Company, Chris O'Connor and NZTrio to work on has been an exercise in leaving room, so that Sam's direction, Chris's music, the Trio's virtuosity and the actors' voices and physicality are not just colouring in the words, but completing them. I don't think any of us have done anything quite like this before - and that's the most exciting kind of theatre.

What is MY BED MY UNIVERSE all about?

Cast member Wesley Dowdell tells you what it's all about - "It's more of a show you have to come and watch"

Running! My Bed My Universe

This is the whole team on the floor rehearsing on 22 March in the Concert Chamber .

Experience the physical theatre of MY BED MY UNIVERSE! Massive runs with NZTrio in 1 Week!

It's a BIG BANG moment. Come see why!
Week 5 image
Week 5 image 2

Week 4 Audiences can expect to be surprised. We are physical, musical, dynamic and playful. Sometimes we capture the most intimate moment of a person's life, and sometimes we are planets colliding! My Bed My Universe is theatre, not TV -on -stage.

Jenni Heka – Producer

Massive has been working with Cut Collective for a few years now -- they are the incredibly talented crew behind our production posters for the last four years. We here at Massive love Cut Collective’s styles and street art work. It only seem natural that this creative partnership would evolve to have them collaborate with us on creating the world of My Bed My Universe. What started as planting of seeds and possibilities, has blossomed to these amazing animations, a layering of Sam’s vision and Gary Henderson’s script. The conversations have been as wide and as varied as the worlds that My Bed My Universe explores. Sparrow aka Component has had us laughing and dreaming of all sorts of possibilities – we can’t wait to share them all with you!

Animation: A sneak peek into the world of MY BED MY UNIVERSE

MBMU Animation
MBMU Animations 2

Week 3 Movement is played upon stillness. Light is played upon darkness. Sound is played upon silence.

By Sam Scott

I believe that it’s important to mark the beginnings of a new project and the rehearsal process of a production. By marking beginnings you acknowledge all that has gone before this to get to here, the people, ideas and work. A Massive Company blessing is our own ritual of beginning that allows for all cultures to be represented and to mark this in whatever way they may want.On the first day of work of the project or rehearsal period, we gather everyone in the place where the work will take place. We begin in a circle so that everyone is equal and can see everyone else. Our Kaumatua begins with a Maori blessing and then explains what and why this was given. As the Artistic Director and director of the show I then speak. Then the circle is opened up for anyone to say or do anything they may want in order to mark this time. Once we feel everyone who does want to mark it has done so, we close the circle and after hugs and kisses, we set up the food and drink to share.


Justine Cormack - NZTrio

At the official blessing of My Bed My Universe last Monday, I had butterflies in my stomach, feeling somewhat like we were all about to launch ourselves off a magnificent cliff, together trusting that our wings would kick into action and lift us into an incredible flight. One week into full-on rehearsals, we have taken the leap and have begun to glide together as a troupe, and my sense is that we are all holding each other up, allowing each and every one of us to begin to open our wings.

The riffs of devising MY BED MY UNIVERSE

MY BED MY UNIVERSE is rooted in the rhythms of the everyday riffs of New Zealand.
Week #1 we're in the rehearsal room - devising. It's a BIG BANG moment.
Week 3 Practice

Week 2 "The first ray of light lands like a single clear note... ev’rything sings back."

A few words from Sam:

I can hardly wait to get into the rehearsal room. It’s time now, as I have been collecting and imagining over the weeks, but now I need to get in there and test it all out and see what actually works on 'the floor'. I think gesture will be a large part of this works form...hands particularly...alone and in contact with each other. The idea of shoes as marking character and moods for pieces is really interesting me right now. I really want to honour Gary's "Every moment valued. Every moment allowed to settle. Every moment an invitation"....this will lead me in the work...the cast need to be reminded this every day until it is part of the language of the rehearsal room. Ok back to it, there is still lots to do in preparation for next week, but I can still hardly wait to get there.


NZTrio and composer Chris O'Connor sharing their thoughts on MY BED MY UNIVERSE in collaboration.
My Bed My Universe Week 2
Week 2 Scrap Books

Week 1 "My story is written in laughter and strife, If you know how to read it you can see my whole life"


It’s important when you are a Company who makes new New Zealand work that you keep looking , exploring and developing what this might be, what this might entail. Massive Company often works off a hunch, and in choosing to work with Gary Henderson this came from a hunch of asking him to go somewhere else with us, that he had never been and where Massive Company would be given the opportunity to really extend ourselves. My Bed My Universe was born from this hunch.

Massive always hopes that in making a piece of theatre it allows you, the audience, to springboard off our show into your own imaginings, realizations and remembering. My Bed My Universe more than any Massive show so far allows this…the show has been made for you to ‘dream around”…there is no right answer of what it should be or how it should be understood and perceived, so let yourself be immersed in the sonic, verbal, visceral and visual ‘worlds’ created for you and whatever this brings for you is right. As Gary wrote “every moment is an invitation”….enjoy.

Sam Scott, MNZM
Massive Company


A huge collaboration between some of New Zealand most dynamic performers in their field; the stars align from April 2nd, as Massive Company join forces with NZTrio, playwright Gary Henderson and musician Chris O’Connor in the multi-faceted My Bed My Universe, playing Auckland’s Concert Chamber and Mangere Arts Centre.
My Bed My Universe Rehersals
Miriama, Sam Scott,
Dominic Ona-Ariki, Tuyet Nguyen, Neil Amituanai, Wesley Dowdell
  • MBMU Teaser

    A huge collaboration between some of New Zealand most dynamic performers in their field; the stars align from April 2nd, as Massive Company join forces with NZTrio, playwright Gary Henderson and musician Chris O’Connor in the multi-faceted My Bed My Unive

  • NZTRIO talk collaboration

    NZTrio and composer Chris O'Connor sharing their thoughts on MY BED MY UNIVERSE in collaboration.

  • The riffs of devising MY BED MY UNIVERSE

    MY BED MY UNIVERSE is rooted in the rhythms of the everyday riffs of New Zealand.
    Week #1 we're in the rehearsal room - devising. It's a BIG BANG moment.

  • Animation: A sneak peek into the world of MY BED MY UNIVERSE


  • Running! My Bed My Universe

    This is the whole team on the floor rehearsing on 22 March in the Concert Chamber .
    Experience the physical theatre of MY BED MY UNIVERSE! Massive runs with NZTrio in 1 Week!
    It's a BIG BANG moment. Come see why!

  • What is MY BED MY UNIVERSE all about?

    Cast member Wesley Dowdell tells you what it's all about - "It's more of a show you have to come and watch"

  • Dominic Ona-Ariki

    Dominic Ona-Ariki Actor

    Dominic Ona-Ariki, (23), Cook Island Maori. Living in: Papatoetoe, South Auckland

    Dom first joined Massive Company when he was 16, where he performed in Up Close Out Loud which was remounted 6 years later and developed into the celebrated Massive Company show The Brave. Dom studied business for three years prior to the Brave, yet it was after those three years of study that Dom realised that his passion was in acting and performing. Dom tutors Massive Company introductory workshops for emerging artists and one of the key devisors for My Bed My Universe. Dom has starred in Shortland St as core cast member, Whanau, and Jonny Lingo.

  • Tuyet Nguyen

    Tuyet Nguyen Actor

    Tuyet (Tee) Nguyen, (22) Vietnamese/New Zealander. Living in: Manukau, Auckland.

    Tee started her development with Massive Company when she was 14, doing a free workshop that Massive Company was offering in South Auckland. She continued to attend holiday workshops and then progressed onto Massive South Ensemble. At 17, Tee was cast in her first professional Massive production - 'The Girls Show'. In 2011, she was cast as part of a with 13 member ensemble for Massive professional production ‘Havoc In The Garden ‘which later toured the central north island. An unforgettable experience inspired her to further develop her skills with Massive Company as a tutor for Project Light Bulb and tutor. Tee was one of the key devisors for the development of My Bed My Universe.

  • Max Palamo

    Max Palamo Actor

    Max Palamo, (37) Samoan. Living in: Mangere, South Auckland.

    Max trained and performed with Massive Company in productions including, Blood and Bone and Still Speeding and was a key participant in the workshopping and creation of Legacy (1998). In 2000 he took a principal role in Still Moving. The NZ Herald called this a "stunning and miraculous production". Max was a key figure and instigator in Massive Company's show The Sons of Charlie Paora. Max has been one of the key devisors in the development of My Bed My Universe. His recent works included devised works: Hypothesis: One and Le Tonu – The Decision with Polynesian Lab Collective.

  • Neil Amituanai

    Neil Amituanai Actor

    Neil Amituanai, (21), Samoan/Chinese. Living in Otara, New Zealand.

    Neil started with Massive Company 2010, by wondering into one of Massive Company introductory workshops for emerging artists at OMAC one school holiday. From there he joined Massive South Ensemble and is now part of Massive Nui Ensemble. Neil was then cast in Massive professional show The Brave in 2012 and tour in 2013. Neil’s other work include development of Tough’s Haulage and Have Car Will Travel He has been a core devisor for My Bed My Universe and is now a trainee tutor with Massive Company.

  • Wesley Dowdell

    Wesley Dowdell Actor

    Wesley Dowdell, (35), Living in: Titirangi, Auckland

    Wesley’s involvement with Massive has spanned 14 years of which his proudest moment was performing The Son’s of Charlie Paora at the Royal Court Theatre, London. He is best known for his role as Aaron Spiller on Outrageous Fortune and rates his two line conversion with Anthony Hopkins in the World’s Fastest Indian as a Massive moment in his career.

    He has also been working as a musician since 1998, currently playing drums for covers band De Lorean.

    Past credits include Havoc in the Garden and Raising the Titanics. Wesley was one of the key devisors for the development of My Bed My Universe.

  • Miriama McDowell

    Miriama McDowell Actor

    Miriama Mc Dowell, (35) Ngati Hune /Ngapuhi. Living in: Kingsland, Auckland

    Miriama has been a part of Massive Company for 8 years. She has contributed to the devising process of 100 Cousins, Whero's New Net, and Havoc in the Garden and My Bed My Universe. She is also a senior Massive tutor. Miriama is currently campaigning to make Four Square an Olympic sport. It is her dream to represent Massive and Aotearoa internationally in this sport. Miriama's theatre credits include Le Sud for ATC and Raising the Titanics for Smackbang. She had a lead role in This Is Not My Life and played Hibiscus in No. 2. Miriama is a senior tutor for Massive Nui Ensemble.

  • Gary Henderson

    Gary Henderson Playwright

    Gary is a New Zealand writer whose work is produced locally and internationally. His scripts have been published by Playmarket in NZ, and by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama in London. His plays Home Land, Peninsula, Mo & Jess Kill Susie, An Unseasonable Fall of Snow, and Skin Tight all have seasons during 2014.

    Gary is also an experienced teacher of theatre writing, and after working in Performing and Screen Arts at Unitec for six years, he established his own writing course at Corban Estate Arts Centre in West Auckland. He's enthusiastic about writers using the whole range of theatre vocabulary, and has been inspired by the Massive "language" and by his collaboration with Sam Scott, Chris O'Connor, and NZTrio. In 2013 Gary won the Playmarket Award, acknowledging a writer who has made a significant contribution to New Zealand theatre. He is currently working on a new play for Christchurch's Court Theatre.

  • Chris O'Connor

    Chris O'Connor Composer

    Since finishing his formal studies at VUW in 2001, Chris has maintained a consistently high profile within the New Zealand music industry. His musicality exhibits a vitality stemming from an improvisational ingenuity that he brings to all his collaborations. Chris is a member of the Phoenix Foundation and has worked with acclaimed artists such as, Don McGlashan, Jeffrey Henderson, Sam Hamilton, Jonathan Crayford, David O’Donnell, Richard Nunns, Trinity Roots, Andrew Keoghan, Golden Horse, Rick Bryant, Tim Finn, Neil Finn, to name a few. He has performed with the Auckland Chamber Orchestra, the New Pacific Music Ensemble, WOMAD Festivals in Taranaki and Adelaide, The Wellington International Arts Festival, the Auckland Festival, and as a soloist at the Silver Scrolls. Chris has received the Outstanding Composer of Original Music Award at the 2001 Chappman Tripp Theatre Awards, for his work on The Irish Annals of Aotearoa.

  • Sam Scott

    Sam Scott Director, MNZM.

    Sam Scott, MNZM is the founder and artistic director of Massive Company. Sam’s career of 29 years has involved directing Theatre, Television and Film. She loves all the mediums she has worked in, but Sam’s first love is theatre…”the purpose of the theatre is to bring to light the life of the human soul”. Sam is well known as a tutor, specializing in teaching her unique devising practice for theatre, both nationally and internationally. Sam studied with master teacher and mentor Philippe Gaulier and returns on a regular basis to his school in France as an assistant. Some of Sam credits include Sons Of Charlie Paora, Cousins, Whero’s New Net, Havoc in the Garden and The Brave. MY BED MY UNIVERSE is the next wonderful challenge of theatre making for Massive Company, Collaborators and Sam.

  • Rochelle Bright

    Rochelle Bright General Manager

    Rochelle joined Massive Company in 2011, after six-years studying and developing theatre in New York City. Production experience includes: Assistant Administrator for Columbia Artists Theatricals; Assistant to Broadway Producer Aldo Scrofani at Theatre Management Associates; Sub Company Manager for the off-Broadway run of ‘666’ by Yllana, and Company Manager cover for ‘Fuerza Bruta: Look Up’ by De La Guarda at the Daryl Roth Theatre. Rochelle has a Masters in Fine Arts from New York University (Tisch) and a Masters in Creative and Performing Arts from Auckland University.

  • Jenni Heka

    Jenni Heka Producer – (Niue/Alofi).

    Jenni is Massive Company’s producer and an independent producer with her company Hekama Creative. She has 18 years experience within television, film, theatre, festivals, and museums, in both New Zealand and Australia. As a freelance creative, she has worked with James Beaumont, Lauren Hughes, Albert Belz, Rob Mokaraka, Michael Rewiri Thorsen, Kirk Torrance, David Mamea, Maureen Fepulea’i, Pacific Wave Festival – Sydney, Kila Kokonut Krew, Joe Fierce Presents, Smack Bang Theatre Co, Indigenous Theatre, Oryza Foundation & Tautai Contemporary Pacific Arts Trust. Her recent producing credits include the critically acclaimed North Island tour of The Brave and premiere of award winning play Goodbye My Feleni by David Mamea in 2013.

  • Jane Hakaraia

    Jane Hakaraia Lighting Designer

    Jane Hakaraia has worked extensively in theatre and film, with lighting design credits including Betrayal, Ruben Guthrie and The Case of Katherine Mansfield for the Silo theatre and Nga Manurere for Ngati Productions. This will be Jane’s third work for Massive Company, following Havoc in the Garden in 2011 and The Brave in 2012 & 2013. Jane’s most recent production was the smash hit, The Factory with Auckland Arts Festival 2013.

  • Justine Cormack

    Justine Cormack Violinist

    Justine Cormack, the former Concertmaster of the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra, played for many years with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and New Zealand Chamber Orchestra. Recognised as a recitalist, chamber musician, adjudicator and concerto soloist, Justine’s myriad awards include a TVNZ Young Achievers Award, two QEII Arts Council Grants, a Fulbright Scholarship, and an NZSO Alex Lindsay Memorial Award. She holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, a Masters from the San Francisco Conservatory and Bachelors in performance violin from the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Ashley Brown

    Ashley Brown Cellist

    In his student years, Ashley won the Young Musicians Competition, National Concerto Competition and Young Achievers Award plus prizes at the Adam International Cello Competition, Gisborne International Music Competition and ROSL Music Competition in London. His academic history includes the Master of Music (Canterbury), Artist Diploma (Yale) and Doctor of Musical Arts (Auckland), plus cello lecturer positions at the universities of Waikato, Canterbury and Auckland. He was a member of the Turnovsky Trio and Principal Cellist of the Auckland Philharmonia. These days, Ashley keeps a busy schedule of solo and ensemble recitals, concertos and recordings, and enjoys close collaborative relationships with musicians across the spectrum of genres. He plays the 1762 William Forster “Liberte” cello.

  • Sarah Watkins

    Sarah Watkins Pianist

    Sarah Watkins has enjoyed an impressive career as chamber musician, collaborative partner and recording artist, performing throughout Japan, England and the United States with some of America’s leading instrumentalists. She holds both a Doctor of Musical Arts and Masters in collaborative piano from the Juilliard School in New York City, and a Bachelor from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Academic highlights include coordinating the collaborative piano programme at the Music Academy of the West in Santa Barbara, California, and working for several years on the music faculty of Purchase College, New York. As a United States resident for fourteen years, Sarah was a staff pianist at Juilliard, Yale University and the Aspen Music Festival.

  • Vanessa Zigliani

    Vanessa Zigliani BCom, NZTrio Manager

    Vanessa brings 18 years of arts administration experience to the role as manager for NZTrio. As a qualified chartered accountant she joined The Royal New Zealand Ballet in 1993 as Manager - Auckland Region, where she lead a team delivering marketing, sponsorship and event management services in the Auckland market.

    After 5 years with the national ballet company – Vanessa, with her business partner Linda Olsson, set up Olsson & Zigliani consultants limited and developed among other arts related projects, The NBR Awards for Business Sponsorship of the Arts. Since then she has worked on a variety of arts and event based contracts for The Ministry of Culture & Heritage, PRINZ and latterly co-ordinate Audience 360?, an audience development initiative funded by Creative NZ. Vanessa joined NZTrio as manager in April 2011.

  • Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams Costume Designer

    Daniel graduated with a degree in Performance Design from Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School in 2006. His theatre career has seen him design sets and costumes for work all over New Zealand. He recently won The 2013 Q Theatre, Auckland Newcomer Award and has been nominated multi times at the Chapmann Tripp theatre awards including winning Weta Workshop set designer of the year for 'The Little Dog Laughed'. Recent designs include the New Zealand premiere of Dean Parker’s 'The Tigers of Wrath' for Circa Theatre and 'Masi' for The Conch at the Sydney Opera House and he recently turned Q loft into the most disgusting house in Auckland for 'The Pitchfork Disney.' He is currently designing 'Girl in Tan Boots' for Basement Theatre, 'Sunday Roast' for Silo Theatre company and a festival of Queer works presented by TAPAC as part of Auckland Pride 2014. This is Daniel's first time working with Massive and he is very excited to be part of this wonderful new work.

  • Cut Collective

    Cut Collective Graphic Artists

    Cut collective are a pro-active group of artist dedicated to advocating positive public art outcomes. We initiate many public art projects and have worked with Splore festival, Waterfront Auckland, Rugby World Cup and ATEED on some of these projects. We also regularly exhibit our work and have done so at public institutions including Auckland Art gallery, the New Dowse and the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. We have over ten years experience in public art and mural installation, receiving commissions from both public and private sectors.

    We also work with major clients in a commercial capacity handling projects for Westpac, Vodafone, Air New Zealand, Sony, TVNZ, Charlies and others.

My Bed My Universe

My Bed My Universe is proudly presented by MASSIVE COMPANY in association with the NZTrio

My Bed My Universe will be one of the best things to ever happen in this town.

Honouring the people, soundscapes and places that make us who we are and shape the worlds we live in, My Bed My Universe is rooted in the rhythms of the everyday riffs of New Zealand.

A genre-busting, eye-opening theatrical event that roams the perplexing space between the moment we wake and the moment we return to our beds to sleep, it’s layered with original live music, surprising sonic mixes, melodic vocalisation and beautiful physical theatre.

"My story is written in laughter and strife,
If you know how to read it you can see my whole life"

My Bed My Universe evolves out of a dynamic and utterly unique collision of some of New Zealand’s leading creative talents – a script by playwriting legend Gary Henderson, direction by the indomitable Sam Scott, the bold, urban voices of Massive Company, fresh sounds from Indie composer Chris O’Connor and mind-blowing modern classical music from the NZTrio.

It’s a big bang moment. Come see why.

Massive Company

Massive Company is New Zealand’s leading theatre company in creating and presenting experimental work by emerging and professional New Zealand practitioners. Through 21 years of devising and collaborating with leading playwrights, the Auckland ensemble theatre company creates work where individuals are deeply seen. Describing themselves as a company of curious people their work is inspired by real life and presented in any combination of authentic physical and verbal story telling. A Massive Company show will “enrich, enliven and entertain” using stories combined with “raw visceral movement and deep powerful articulation of the personal to explore universals” - New Zealand Listener.

Founded and lead by Artistic Director, Sam Scott, Massive Company creates original contemporary work that reflects the multi-cultural identity and voice of the South Pacific. The company is responsible for delivering some of New Zealand’s most popular home grown theatre, The Sons of Charlie Paora (2002), Up Close Out Loud (2006) and Whero’s New Net (2009) with a history of national and international touring. The Brave was the ‘perfect’ work to celebrate Massive Company’s coming of age in 2012. ‘Perfect’ in the sense that it epitomises the company’s unique style of devised theatre in its purest artistic form. AD, Sam Scott attests, “We make theatre about what it means to be human, to live this life with all it throws up at us.”

Massive Company strives to engage their audiences with thought-provoking work that lives with them well beyond the theatre. With boundless energy and playfulness the ensemble’s work evokes the human spirit in its most present and vulnerable state. Extensive forums, workshops and feedback sessions play an integral part in all of the company’s work.

“...their stories strip away the layers of self and put very human stories and heart out there for us to admire and respect.” - Theatreview

NZ Trio

Both versatile and genre-busting, NZTrio epitomises the relevance of live music in a digital age.

Smashing preconceptions of classical music being stuffy and intimidating the trio engages their listeners with intimate and dynamic performances. Mixing musical cultures and genres, and often involving collaborations with a diverse range of international artists, NZTrio inspires people of all walks of life to see classical music, both old and new as relevant, essential and meaningful.

Celebrating ten years together in 2012, violinist Justine Cormack, cellist Ashley Brown and pianist Sarah Watkins first joined forces in 2002 and were Ensemble in Residence at The University of Auckland from 2004-2009. From the outset their artistry, intensity and approachability have captivated music-lovers throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia, South America, the US and the UK.

Described as a ‘national treasure’, critical acclaim for the group’s performances extends to their ever-expanding catalogue of recorded work. Their CDs have each been nominated as a finalist for Best Classical Album at the NZ Music Awards. Building on the experience of working across performing art forms starting this year with The New Zealand Dance Company, NZTrio is proud to be collaborating with Massive Company to bring My Bed My Universe to the stage for both national and international audiences.

“Packed a mighty punch in repertoire of ear-tingling sounds...a concert of real substance
and reward, blessed with superlative playing from all concerned. None of this music is easy to play, yet everyone displayed virtuosity that allowed the music the freedom to speak. And speak it did”.
- John Button - Dominion Post


If you would like to find out more email:

Or call:
Rochelle 09-369-1864
Vanessa 09-376-0966

Show dates

2-5 April 2014
Concert Chamber, Auckland Town Hall

7.30pm / Tickets: $20/$35


9-12 April 2014
Mangere Arts Centre

7.30pm / Tickets: $20/$25

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